Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giraffe Rescue Centre, Kenya

Just outside Nairobi, there is a sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates giraffes . Tall platforms let visitors feed the giraffes by hand and stroke their velvet noses. Fortunately, most are happy to buy the animal food provided...the centre needs all the help it can get.

The day we visited in 2006, a bus pulled in full of children from the Precious Gifts Daycare. The children were incredibly sweet and well-behaved in spite of their excitement. I spent more time watching them than the giraffes! Like parents everywhere, moms and dads plopped their kids onto a wall to
get pictures of them with the animals in the background.

I'm not sure these boys were altogether
thrilled with the experience! They were eager to feed the giraffes and raced off as soon as they were finally lifted down...

This cute baby came galloping toward us looking for all the world like any clumsy colt. The giraffe became one of my favourite -and most frequently photographed - animals of the trip

Our time in Nairobi was brief, before heading off on our photo safari, but it was a wonderful introduction to our African holiday...


  1. What an unique experience..I don't know how thrilled I would be, as a child! I would love to see these magnificent creatures~

  2. Unbelievable images - I am in awe of your photograpy talents. This is a fabulous blog - I will be your newest follower! Outstanding!



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